Request Research Assistance

A process for criminal justice professionals to receive assistance and advice on a crime issue or problem and establish partnerships with academics

The Criminal Justice Research Consortium links local criminal justice practitioners with college and university-based research support and resources.  Through the Research Consortium, interested agencies are matched with academic partners to provide assistance with program development, data collection and analysis, assessing program implementation or effectiveness, and other research related activities.  The goal of the consortium is to expand criminal justice research and to promote the use of data and the adoption of research-based evidence in local criminal justice agencies. 

DCJS encourages agencies seeking assistance with research related activities to utilize the Research Consortium to establish partnerships with academic researchers and institutions.  A limited number of DCJS research grants will be available to support projects.

Agencies can learn more about the benefits of Identifying and Working with a Research Partner.

Please download and complete the form below to initiate a request for assistance.  You may contact DCJS at [email protected] with any questions.