Program Profiles

Explore promising and innovative local programs that address specific public safety concerns.
Program Profiles

Criminal justice professionals across the state are embracing data, research, intelligence and proven practices to develop and implement programs and strategies to address persistent or emerging crime trends, improve programs, and reduce victimization in their communities.

The Knowledge Bank summarizes promising local programs and provides a platform for police departments, sheriffs’ offices, district attorneys’ offices, and probation departments to:

  • Explore initiatives, practices and strategies from other jurisdictions;
  • Draw on the experience of peers; and
  • Identify potential approaches to address their community’s specific public safety issues.


Each Program Profile:

  • Outlines the problem the agency sought to address; 
  • Describes the program, practice or strategy;
  • Details its implementation and results; 
  • Highlights lessons learned by the agency or agencies involved and useful advice for professionals seeking to implement the program.