Academic Partner Information Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming an academic partner with the Criminal Justice Research Consortium. DCJS will maintain the information you have provided on this form and may contact you if there is a research project relevant to your experience and geographic location. Your participation in the Consortium will help improve criminal justice practices and build partnerships with practitioners in the field. We also will use your contact information to share information about relevant DCJS events and trainings, as well as employment opportunities with DCJS and the state’s other public safety agencies.

Please email [email protected] with any questions. You will receive confirmation upon receipt of that message.
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Government agencies you would be interested in working with
DCJS supports and works with various government entities who will be eligible to participate in the Research Consortium. Indicate what type of government entities that may request assistance from the Research Consortium you would be interested in working with on a consortium project (select all that apply).
Have you previously worked directly with any government entities (e.g. state or local criminal justice, police, probation, etc)?
The consortium seeks to promote ongoing, local relationships between academic partners and practitioner agencies. Academic institutions should be reasonably close in proximity to the jurisdiction they are working with (i.e., no more than two driving hours or 100 miles apart). Please note, DCJS will not reimburse overnight expenses.
How did you hear about the NYS Criminal Justice Research Consortium? Check all that apply.
DCJS is continuously looking to add researchers to the consortium. If you know of anyone else who would be interested in participating, please list them below and DCJS will reach out to them directly.
You can also email your C/V to: [email protected].

Thank you.