COVID-19 Links and Resources for Law Enforcement

Access COVID-19-related information and resources designed for law enforcement and public safety professionals
COVID-19 Links and Resources for Law Enforcement


COVID-19 Links and Resources for Law Enforcement


A reference repository for law enforcement-related COVID-19 information from New York State agencies, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and professional associations.


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Smartphone application for COVID-19 exposure alerts


COVID Alert NY is a voluntary, anonymous, exposure-notification smartphone app available to anyone 18 or older who lives, works or attends college in New York or New Jersey.


Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the app, which will allow you to receive an alert if you were in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19.


Knowing about a potential exposure allows you to self-quarantine immediately, get tested and reduce the potential exposure risk to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others.


Add your phone. Stop the spread.

New York State Guidance

Guidance and support issued by New York State agencies for law enforcement
Department of Health


COVID-19 Testing Information

Updated guidance on the COVID-19 testing protocols


Guidance on Limiting Law Enforcement Exposure to COVID-19

Interim guidance and exposure mitigation strategies designed to help law enforcement personnel and agencies limit potential COVID-19 exposure


COVID-19 Guidance for 911 Public Safety Answering Points 

Guidance bulletin for 911 Public Safety Answering Points (PASPs) and Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs)


Advisory on Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations

Guidance document pertaining to sexual assault exams and evidence collection during the COVID-19 state of emergency


Management of Decedent Personal Effects 

Document detailing the responsibilities of hospitals to secure the personal effects of deceased individuals including items of evidentiary value to law enforcement


Division of Criminal Justice Services


Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives Emergency Probation Procedures Memo

Guidance to probation departments regarding home visits and in-person contacts with probationers


Office of Court Administration


Order Extending Orders of Protection

Administrative Order from the Chief Administrative Judge extending criminal and civil temporary orders of protection 


Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


Letter to Law Enforcement Agencies

Guidance and reminders related to responding to domestic incident calls and assisting victims of domestic violence


When Home Isn’t Safe Flyer 

Domestic violence resource and contact information


Office of Victim Services


Crime Victim Notification Police Card

Printable victim assistance program information card for police distribution


Office of Addiction Services and Supports 


Guidance for New York State Behavioral Health Programs

Guidance recommendations for outpatient treatment and residential programs to prevent the spread of COVID-19


COVID-19 Guidance for Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Guidance and operating principles identifying outpatient addiction treatment programs as essential services 


Division of Human Rights


Fact Sheet on Discrimination Related to COVID-19  

Document designed for the public that advises persons harassed or threatened due to their COVID-19 status to contact local law enforcement or the New York State Hate Crimes Task Force

Law Enforcement Resources

Websites providing COVID-19 resources and information-sharing for law enforcement 


International Association of Chiefs of Police: Law Enforcement Information on COVID-19

A webpage dedicated to providing guidance to law enforcement on dozens of COVID-19-related sub-topics. Operates an online community where IACP members can ask questions and share resources.


American Society of Evidence-Based Policing: Law Enforcement COVID-19 Portal

A centralized information-sharing platform for police departments worldwide to share how they are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in real-time. Secure site, requires login with law enforcement email.


Police Executive Research Forum: Responding to the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Contains up-to-date information on police COVID-19 response tactics, including an archive of daily reports sourced from law enforcement officials on how their agencies are responding to the threat posed by COVID-19. 


National Police Foundation: Coronavirus Resources for Law Enforcement

A dashboard-based site that tracks workforce impacts, number of officers that have been tested and diagnosed, and personal protection equipment (PPE) needs and projections. Contains a law enforcement-specific COVID-19 FAQ section and a COVID-19 search tool targeted to first responders.


National District Attorneys Association: COVID-19 Prosecutor and Court Resources

A webpage designed to provide prosecutors with current information, effective best practices, and targeted resources to help keep their communities safe and secure during COVID-19.


National Sheriffs' Association: Coronavirus Information for Sheriff’s Offices

An information sharing platform for COVID-19 support for Sheriffs’ law enforcement operations and emergency corrections coordination.


American Probation and Parole Association: COVID-19 Community Corrections Response

A webpage containing COVID-19 resources and materials specific to community corrections.


Bureau of Justice Assistance: COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit for the Law Enforcement Community

A toolkit for law enforcement agencies that includes resources and strategies to use internally and when communicating to the public about the importance of vaccinations and other critical safety measures.

COVID-19-Related Webinars

Upcoming or previously recorded COVID-19-related webinars for law enforcement


Previously Recorded






  • Prosecutors Against Gun Violence: Prosecutors Respond to COVID-19 - virtual summit on the public safety challenges that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic, including domestic violence, child abuse, firearm-related issues, and jail release



  • American Probation and Parole Association: Probation Officers on the Front Lines Against COVID-19 - roundtable discussion on the impact that COVID-19 has had on community corrections line staff including, insight into the needs of officers, ways to manage workloads, and develop strategies to effectively engage individuals on supervision in a virtual space


New York Forward

New York will reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic on a regional basis. 


As each region meets established criteria designed to protect public health, businesses may reopen. The phased plan, entitled New York Forward, focuses on getting people back to work and easing social isolation, without triggering renewed spread of the COVID-19 virus or overwhelming the hospital system.


New York Forward 


Regional Monitoring Dashboard 

Contact Information

Contact the NYS Department of Health

Have COVID-19 health questions? Call the Department of Health COVID-19 Hotline or ask DOH a question.



Contact the NYS Office Mental Health

Feeling overwhelmed? The NYS COVID-19 Emotional Support helpline is staffed by specially trained volunteers who can help.



Contact the Division of Criminal Justice Knowledge Bank

Do you know of a COVID-19 resource that may be helpful to other criminal justice professionals in New York State? Contact the Knowledge Bank.


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