About the Knowledge Bank

New York is the safest large state in the nation and a leader in promoting, supporting and funding evidence-based criminal justice programs. Reported crime and incarceration rates have reached all-time lows during the past two decades and significant strides have been made to improve the fairness, transparency and effectiveness of the state’s criminal justice system.

The Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) developed the Knowledge Bank to build upon this work and provide additional support and resources to help police, prosecutors and community corrections professionals improve local practices using data-driven and evidence-based approaches.

The Knowledge Bank provides a forum for these professionals to:


  • Share promising and innovative practices;


  • Learn from peers and foster collaboration;


  • Access national research; and


  • Connect with academic researchers.

This presentation provides more information about the Knowledge Bank profiles and Research Consortium. 


About the Division of Criminal Justice Services

The Division of Criminal Justice Services enhances public safety by providing resources and services that inform decision making and improve the quality of the criminal justice system.

The agency is committed to supporting a knowledge-driven criminal justice system that uses data, analysis and research to fund programs that are proven to work and are cost-efficient. The Division of Criminal Justice Services also provides training and technical assistance to help agencies and non-profit organizations deliver programs effectively, which helps to ensure successful implementation and positive outcomes.

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